On September 20,

with millions around the world, we will walk out of our schools, our workplaces and our homes to demand climate action and an end to the age of fossil fuels. Join us!

Our coalition is supporting youth organizing actions at high schools and universities in San Diego County and workers who are walking out to support them.

Mark your calendar. Save the date. Pledge to join us at one of multiple walkout locations at universities, schools and businesses in San Diego. Check out our resources to plan an action at your school or place of business. Volunteer. Spread the word.

On September 20 we will wake up San Diego and shake up the world!

You won't want to miss this opportunity to meet youth climate leaders and learn about SD350's efforts to support and build youth climate leadership and action.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 7 pm in Hillcrest
RSVP: https://t.co/FUVFBTo1pt

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See you in the streets!

In April, I led a student walkout at my high school, Del Lago Academy, and this summer I organized a Youth Climate Action Summit for high school students. Because we can’t wait any longer to treat climate change for what is truly is – an urgent crisis that needs our attention NOW. On September 20th, […]